Moran Pallets & Wood Products

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of used pallets does Moran Lumber Buy?

Moran Lumber buys standard 48×40 pallets. The pallet has to be in repairable condition. A pallet that is non-repairable is a pallet where the 2×4 stringer is broken past the notch.

Does Moran Buy Blue or Red block pallets?

We do not buy blue or red pallets. Those pallets are owned by CHEP and PECO respectively. We can take them from you, but we will not pay anything for them. We return them when we accumulate over 500 of them in our yard inventory.

What areas does moran service?

We service the southwest region of the United States. We offer free shipping for customers located in the Phoenix Metro Area and Casa Grande. Our full service area includes:

Do You guarantee availability of pallets?

Moran Lumber Products guarantees the availability of pallets when you have a purchase order or firm commitment.

What is a GMA Pallet?

The letters G-M-A are an acronym for Grocery Manufacturer’s Association. GMA pallets are the most common type of recycled pallets and are the so-called “Standard Pallet”. They measure 48″ long by 40″ wide and are notched on the side to allow forklift entry from all four directions.

What is the lead time when ordering pallets?

Moran Lumber offers a 4-day lead time for pallet orders.

What kind of wood does Moran use when making pallets?

We manufacture pallets out of Kiln Dried Heat Treated material. We do this because we feel it provides better pallet performance over multiple uses. The KDHT material has a significantly less chance of wood movement after the pallet is manufactured.

What kind of wood does moran use to make their stakes, lath, and hubs

We manufacture these items from either KDHT Douglas Fir or Kiln Dried Ponderosa Pine.

Does Moran use Just-In-Time inventory practices?

Yes, for our customers we maintain a portion of your order on hand as finished pallets for your convenience. This is done to help cut down on lead time and to make sure you get your material when you need it.