Moran Pallets & Wood Products

used 48x40 pallets with a forklift

Total Pallet Management

Moran Lumber Products is proud to offer total pallet management services. Our comprehensive pallet management program is tailored to fit your needs in both onsite and offsite services at any facility:

  • Pallet Retrieval
  • Pallet Sorting (onsite and offsite capable)
  • Pallet Repair (onsite and offsite capable)
  • Return Delivery of Repaired pallets
  • Dedicated Trailers
  • Buying Pallets (fair market price)
  • Pallet Inventory Management
  • Pallet Data Management and Reporting
  • Closed Loop Management (pallets stay within your supply chain)

Onsite Services

Moran offers onsite service functions where our labor, expertise, and equipment are put to work directly at your facility:

  • Onsite Sort and Repair Operations – Let our staff be your onsite pallet team. Pallets are repaired onsite in a separate work area and input right back into the production or manufacturing process.
  • Pallet Pickup and Delivery scheduled by our onsite team.
  • Waste and Dunnage Retrieval-Our dedicated dry vans can be loaded with unused pallets and other wood waste and we will ensure that it is removed promptly.
  • Inventory Management – Our onsite team will maintain your pallet inventory and help you plan for any changes in your scheduling

Offsite Services

If you don’t have enough room at your facility, Moran Lumber can provide all of our services as offsite options:

  • Dedicated Dry Van Services – We will pickup and remove loaded trailers and replace them with an empty van ready for loading.
  • Offsite Sort, Repair and Return Programs – Our expert staff will sort, repair, and return recycled pallets to your facility.
  • Pallet Buying – We will process your unused pallets and pay you fair market value for them. This is a great way to help defer pallet costs.
  • Data Management – We will provide itemized reporting of pallet returns, disposals, and buys in an easy to access format.

Pallet Heat Treatment

If you are exporting material out of the country on a pallet. Moran Lumber Products offers full heat treatment services with appropriate pallet stamps and documentation for your records.

Heat treatment of wood pallets is done to ensure that no invasive pests are carried on the pallets to another country while in transport.

Moran offers heat treatment for new and recycled pallets at both of our facilities in the Phoenix area. This ensures that our heat treated inventory remains separate from other inventory in our yards.

Our heat treatment chamber can fit up to 660 standard 48×40 pallets.

heat treated new pallets in a kiln

Pallet Retrieval Services

Moran Lumber provides pallet retrieval services for quantities over 100 pallets on Friday of every week.

We pay competitive market prices for picking up used and/or broken pallets.

All pallets must be standard 48×40 4-way pallets. No exceptions.

Use the button below to fill out out our simple form and our staff will respond as soon as possible.

A stack of GMA pallets at Moran Pallets & Wood Products

Custom Pallet Design Services

Our pallet design team utilizes the most advanced pallet design software tools available on the market today.

The Best Pallet Design Software can provide a full pallet specification for any pallet. This includes:

  • Pallet Specification Sheet
  • Pallet Structural Analysis
  • Pallet Durability Analysis
  • Pallet Physical Property Analysis
  • 2-D and 3-D mechanical drawings showing all pallet components