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Choosing to recycle pallets is a no-brainer for us at Moran Pallets. It’s more than just a effective way  to pass cost savings on to our customers – it is, simply, the right thing to do for our planet. We are proud to support sustainable supply chains that encourage the use of renewable and biodegradable resources. 

So how do we recycle pallets? It all starts at our dedicated recycling facility in Phoenix, Arizona. First, we buy used pallets in Phoenix, Arizona from different businesses via buy back programs. Then, we determine if we need to dismantle the pallet fully or if we can make simple repairs. Then, our expert builders assess the current state of the pallet and apply their years of experience refurbishing the pallet. From there, they are sorted into three different categories: #1 A’s, #1s, & #2s. Finally, they are ready for any customer order. 

Choosing a recycled pallet is a no-brainer – durable, tough, inexpensive and good for our planet. 

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Our Recycling Efforts through the Years

Graphical Data showing the amount of pallets recycled by Moran Pallets from 2002 to 2023. Moran Pallets Buy Used Pallets Phoenix Arizona.