Moran Pallets & Wood Products

The Beginning

Photo of Bernard Moran, the founder of Moran & Sons' Lumber Company

Our founder, Bernard Moran, while working as a General Contractor, opens up his side business, Moran Lumber, in his garage. His focus was manufacturing wood products used in by the construction industry. 



Our First Move

Moran Lumber acquires it’s first commercial location at 19th Avenue and Adams in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Going All In

Bernard Moran hangs up his contracting license and goes all in on Moran Lumber.  Betting on himself, he continued to focus on stakes and lath. 



dimensions of a 40x48 masonry block pallet

Our First Custom Pallet

Staying true to our general contracting roots, Moran Lumber creates its first custom pallet to support the construction industry- a 40×48 masonry block pallet!

We Become Moran & Sons' Lumber

With hopes of passing Moran Lumber to the next generation, Bernard’s two sons, Tim and Greg, join the family business part-time while still in school. 



Betting on ourselves... again

Greg knew his calling was to work alongside his father at Moran & Sons’ Lumber. Knowing this, he earned a Bachelors of Science from Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. He quickly became *insert something here about what he did*

brown and green recycle symbol

Going Green

Committed to both reducing waste and passing cost savings to customers, Bernard and Greg begin using excess lumber from stake and lath production and begin repairing and reselling pallets!



Our New Home

Moran & Sons’ Lumber moves to it’s current location in Phoenix, Arizona.

Expanding to California and Yuma Valley, AZ

Moran & Sons’ Lumber invests in their own delivery trucks and begins shipping to agricultural customers in Southern CA and Yuma, AZ.  



Greg, Bernard and Tim Moran posing outside

Tim Moran Joins the Business Full-Time

After close to 13 years working behind the scenes as Moran & Sons’ bookkeeper, Tim Moran, a certified public accountant at the time, joins the family business full-time. 

Moran Expands its Recycling Efforts

Recognizing how critical sustainable practices are to America’s supply chain, Moran & Sons’ expanded their recycling efforts and opened up a dedicated recycling facility in Phoenix, Arizona. 



Passing the Torch to the Next Generation

Upon Bernard’s death in 1994, Greg and Tim became co-owners determined to continue their father’s legacy. Greg’s education made him a natural fit for managing the Recycling Facility. Tim, armed with natural leadership and a CPA license, became the General Manager. Staying true to our construction roots yet again, Tom Farrier, Bernard’s cousin with a background in general contracting, joined the family business as our first Production Manager. 

Moran Expands to Heat Treating Pallets

In 2002, International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 became regulated. This vital regulation helps prevent the spread of pests and diseases through wood packaging during international shipping efforts. Moran & Sons’ Lumber invested in their first kiln so they could heat treat pallets! 



The Third Generation of Morans

John Moran working in the Pallet Manufacturing yard

In 2015, Greg Moran passed away suddenly, leaving big shoes to fill. Upon his death, Greg’s nephew, John Moran, joined the family business. Determined to learn every aspect of the pallet business, John split his time being manufacturing new pallets and repairing recycled pallets. 

Innovating Our Pallet Production Line

Focused on the future, John Moran begins upgrading our new pallet production line one machine at the time.  Since 2019, we’ve welcomed 8 new pieces of machinery that help us operate more efficiently than ever.



New Name, Same Game

Several Pallet Cores Stacked at Moran Pallets' new recycling location

When we started business in 1963, our primary focus was creating products for the construction industry. Moran & Sons’ Lumber Company was the perfect name. Since then, we’ve expanded to pallets & diversified wood products. Because of this, we officially changed our name to Moran Pallets & Wood Products.