Moran Pallets & Wood Products

The Leading Wood Products Supplier in the Southwest

With nearly 60 years in the wood products business, Moran Lumber Products has the experience and knowledge to ensure your business is supplied with the right wood product when you need it.

Our products are built with quality materials and workmanship, and we thoroughly inspect all of our products to ensure they meet our standards and add value to your business.

Those standards are what set us apart from our competitors and ensure that you get consistent quality.

New Manufactured Customer Pallets

New Standard Pallets

Our pallet lumber is sourced from sustainable softwood lumber located in the Pacific Northwest. Every piece of lumber goes through a defect cutting process that increases the durability and structural stability of the pallet.  

Our standard size pallets include:

  • GMA (48×40) pallets
  • Light and heavy duty
  • Standard 2-way pallets (stringer)
  • Partial 4-way pallets (stringer)
  • Full 4-way pallets (block)
  • Block pallets (heavy duty)

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Recycled Pallets

Moran Lumber Products recycles and reconditions more than 500,000 pallets per year. Our recycled pallets are repaired using new lumber instead of reclaimed lumber.

This ensures that the recycled pallets are structurally sound and without defects to minimize or eliminate product damage and employee injury.

Moran recycled pallets are repaired to 4 standard grades:

  • Grade #1A – 7 top deck and 5 bottom deck boards featuring 6″ lead boards and no repaired stringers.
  • Grade #1 Standard – Same as #1A with a 4″ or 6″ lead boards. These pallets have superb structural integrity and are well-suited for standard supply chain applications.
  • Grade #1 Softwood – A more cost effective option for customers who want a less expensive #1 grade pallet and don’t require hardwood. None of our #1 softwood pallets contain stringer repairs.
  • Grade #2 Standard – An economical choice when appropriate for your shipping needs, these pallets contain one or more stringer repairs.
  • Combo Pallets – These pallets are manufactured from a combination of new and recycled materials, typically new stringers with recycled deck boards.
  • Remanufactured Pallets – Manufactured from all recycled materials, these pallets are a great choice when a cost saving approach is needed.
recycled 48x40 wood pallets

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New Custom Pallets

If you need pallets that are non-traditional in size then Moran will create custom pallet sizes to fit your product shipping needs.

We utilize industry leading design software to make sure the custom pallet you require takes into account the size, weight, and unique dimensions of your product, and is fully fitted to protect your product in any supply chain operation.

Moran Lumber Products has created and built custom pallet sizes for a wide range of industries including:

  • Food and beverage production
  • Construction products
  • Specialty manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • And many others

Custom Crating and Containers

Wooden crates and containers add another level of protection for your products beyond a standard pallet.

Moran manufactures custom compact flat-pack crating that is built with ISPM-15 complaint materials and meets or exceeds the requirements for shipping products internationally. Custom crating and containers includes:

  • Trade show crates
  • Flat pack for easy shipping and assembly
  • Computers and electronics
  • Furniture and household appliances
  • Arts and antiques
  • And many more applications
custom wood crates

Wood Stakes, Hubs, and Lath

Moran Lumber Products manufactures a range of sizes in wood stakes, hubs, and lath to fit your needs. Our products are straight grain and knot free and available in Ponderosa Pine or Douglas Fir species.

  • The straight grain pattern allows nails to be driven in without splitting.
  • Surveyors and engineers who use our products prefer the light color to be able to distinguish any special markings they make on the wood.


All of our stakes, hubs, and lath are produced in our Phoenix facility and can be shipped to anywhere in the continental United States


Rebar, or reinforcing bar, is a steel bar typically used to strengthen and reinforce concrete and masonry structures.

The ribs or lugs on the bar are used to create a better bond with the concrete substrate, provide better tensile strength, and prevent slippage.

Moran is proud to offer #4 rebar for all your construction and masonry project needs. We have 10′ and 20′ standard lengths and can also cut to any specific length necessary.

Dunnage Lumber

Dunnage is low cost lumber material used for bracing and protective fill to secure loads.

Dunnage lumber is typically used in shipping containers, truck trailers, or other large containers to keep the load from shifting while in transport.

Moran Lumber Products manufactures dunnage lumber for all your bracing and shipping needs.

We also offer ISPM-15 heat treatment and stamping for all dunnage lumber that will be used for international shipments.

Please call our offices at 800.775.3216 for more information.