Moran Pallets & Wood Products

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Moran Pallets & Wood Products believes that “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” is more than just a tag line – it is a way of life for our business. So, every day, we ask ourselves how can we do better? How can we offer our customers the best recycled pallets in Phoenix, Arizona and beyond?



Moran Pallets reduces its wood waste in two impactful ways. First, only cutting what we need. Secondly, finding ways to use what we already have. Over the past decade we’ve innovated our production line to accomplish those goals. Equipped now with AI enhanced cross-cutting machines, we are able to maximize the amount of wood we cut. Furthermore, our new pallet dismantling line  allows us to save all viable wood from a pallet, reducing the amount that is scrapped. These production line improvements have reduced our waste factor from 12 to 6 percent!


We are known as the best pallet provider in Phoenix, Arizona today, but we started as a stake and lath manufacturer in 1963. We realized quickly how much by-product was left downstream so we decided to do something about it – we started using that wood to repair pallets! Additionally, the excess wood from stakes, lath and new manufactured pallets is still used to repair #1A, #1 and #2 pallets today. 

Moran Pallets opened our first recycling yard in 1980. Since then, we’ve recycled more than 11 million pallets back into America’s sustainable supply chain! Recycling pallets is a tough job – that is why we’ve innovated our recycling process and employed quality assurance personnel to ensure the highest standards are met. We participate in pallet buy back programs and also pay cash for pallets off the street!



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Trees Saved


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Tons of Lumber Diverted from Landfills


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